Chet Letters – June 11, 1952

Dear kids:

What the hell is the idea of opening the season so earl this year, too many fish in the lakes or what? B????? is lucky not going to Korea with the First Division but then not all of them go in any outfit.

Terry is getting off with seven months and that is what I hope to get off with when I get out of this school.

I don’t agree or get along with Terry and she & Dick knows it. I and Dick are OK but she is no damn good. I wrote to the folks about that stuff she was going to write and explained it all. Don’t you two worry about me getting married too quick, I don’t work that fast. Besides Terry likes to cause trouble with anyone if she isn’t number one with them so she thinks she will give me trouble but that is a bad try.

The girl she talks about is no good and I knew it the first time I saw her, the folks saw her at Dick’s house too so they know what she is like. Matter of fact none of the girls around GV & NC are no damn good so I would worry about it if I were you.

You know how I pick em and treat them, so you know what to expect when I do get one for good, but it will be quite some time yet and the family will be told in plenty of time. I’ll bet Wendy is growing like a weed isn’t she, do you ever see Gary in town?

What kind of work is June doing now? When I get back to Calif, and going again you two will have to come out for a little vacation and see how you like the good part of Calif. Fishing & hunting can’t be beat if you know your way around the place and like to rough it sometimes.

We have three more days of CBR school and then we go by train to Sasebo and then to Pusan or Incheon which every it is, so it won’t be long before I get to see Shikashi Joe C***k or what ever they have to content with. Not much more today, I have a lot of letters to write so they all are short.

Don’t forget to write and I didn’t think you have been married for five years. Time has been going so fast since we moved out west or something.

Bye now,

/s/ Chet