Maintaining Sixaxis Settings in Steam Big Picture Mode on Linux

Using Steam Big Picture Mode on Ubuntu 15.10, with a PS3 Sixaxis controller over Bluetooth, was proving difficult. Every time I would restart BPM, it would lose all of my controller mappings. The normal solution of using xboxdrv didn’t work, since this was via Bluetooth and not wired. I configured the controller as normal via BPM (the default A and B buttons for me were left-stick-click and right-stick-click respectively), then closed Steam.

2008 BPA for AD Group Policy 'Access to this computer' Error

When running the AD Best Practices on Server 2008, you may receive the following error: > The AD DS BPA should be able to collect data about Group Policy Results setting “Access this computer from the network” from the domain controller Check the XML log file for a more detailed error message. It can be found by default in ‘Logs\BPA\Reports\Microsoft\Windows\DirectoryServices’ in your %systemroot% as ‘DirectoryServices_EngineReport.xml’. Look for a section called .

ADMT Child Leaf Objects Error

When using the Active Directory Migration Toolkit, you may receive an error that a user cannot be moved while they have child leaf objects. This is usually due to the user tying a device to their Exchange account via ActiveSync. To solve this, make sure you have the Support Tools for Windows Server installed. Open up ADSI Edit (adsiedit.msc), and browse out to the user object. ADSI Edit Under the user container will be another container, ExchangeActiveSyncDevices.