Chet Letters – May 28. 1952

Dear Cooleys,

I’m still at Camp Drake but we are shipping in the morning for another school down at Camp ??? wherever that is. So far we don’t know what the school is but it is for two weeks and then we take another trip. I thought I would write and clear some things up that Terry may have written to you about. In the first place she has no damn business messing around with my affairs and she knows it. I tried to wise Dick up and from what I hear it may have helped some.

She might have written about my getting married to a girl with two kids and all I can say is don’t believe everything you see or hear. I was away from home and out for a good time and sometimes you say things that are far from true to help the problem, besides I’m in no way ready or able at the present to plan for anything certain. So don’t write to the folks or anybody about here, you find that kind all over the place and besides I don’t know her over three days and have a good idea what she is like. The other girl knows about it and understands so I’m not worries about it in the least bit.

Say hello to everyone around town if there is anyone left there. The only mail I got so far is a letter from you, a birthday card from #1 girl and two bank statements which were very good if I ever get home to use the damn stuff, over here it is just something of the past that you don’t use. Make sure you have the right address on your letters that you send. I have a few more to write then I want to take a shower so I’ll S.O. now.

/s/ Chet