Chet Letters – May 5, 1952

San Francisco, California

Betty & June & Winkey:

Long time since I’ve written? Well I am getting a new address in a few days so I thought I would pass it on to you, but this will be short so I can write everyone else today.

I talked to Bill over the weekend, Dick wanted some money so he could get a car, he is going to Butte, Montana when he gets out in July. He can’t save a thing with that thing he married always buying useless things and running around. I said at Christmas time she is Dicks wife and not my sister-in-law. The way she treated the folks when they were there, and she is so unfair to everybody in our family including Dick. I thought people back in Mich. were two faced. I said I wouldn’t go up there any more, but now I have orders and can’t.

If she was any of my relation she wouldn’t be around as long as a snowball in Hell. The more I see and hear her “and she can talk and thinks she knows it all”, I think she is psycho or something, and won’t try anything at all, can’t cook, sew or even clean house. Dick is slowly beginning to see it all, she won’t event try to go half way the way married people should, she is all that counts and other people aren’t in here category, or so she thinks.

All she needs is a damn good beating and to learn to live all over again without the things she said she had and has, but as yet I haven’t seen them nor has Dick, and the kids she went to school with never ever heard of them and don’t like her. She cheats at cards and lies all the time, real good kid.

How are things at home? June & Wendy ok, when I get back I’m coming back for part of my 30 day I’ll have. I guess things are ok here so I’ll give you the new address and call it quits, I have a few more letters to write now that I am shipping.

Tell everyone hellow and I’ll see you in 9 or 10 months if things go good.

/s/ Chet