Chet Letters – April 4, 1952

Fort Ord, California

Hi kids:

I’ll tell you now not to write until you get a new address from me or somebody else.

I am shipping out tomorrow morning with a short leave and then report to stoneman the 21st of April, I will don’t know if I am going home or not for a few days.

June should move out here and get rid of his sinus trouble, there is plenty of work all over the west, anything you could ask for. I guess the folks aren’t doing too good in NM either, mumps, ulcers and arthritis, maybe they should move back to Van Nuys or the desert.

The weather is fine and has been for the last three weeks so I guess winter is gone for a few months.

I was up to Red Bluff and around places and it beautiful up there this time of the year.

We have to POR in a few minutes so I will close for now.

/s/ Chet