Chet Letters – March 21, 1952

Fort Ord, California

Hi Betty, Jr. & Wendy,

Long time since I wrote but I am getting lazy just sitting around here waiting for orders. But today I fixed that up. I got mad they tried to give me orders for a leadership school on post here and it is just no damn good so I volunteered to go overseas, so it will be about a week and I will get my orders and leave.

Taxes are due in Red Bluff and it is just one helluva mess getting that fixed up. Otherwise everything is OK up there. Diamond Match is starting to cut a road about 5 miles below the ??? here so it won’t be long before they get to our place. I say out place, the other half of our place you will meet sometime in the future, real ??? just like ???, but better in a way, she loves the mountains, hunts & fishes too. It is chow time so I will close now, tell everyone Hi, but don’t write the folks about what I did. They wouldn’t like it.

/s/ Chet