Chet Letters – January 27, 1952

Fort Ord, California

Hi Sis:

Well it is about time I wrote, don’t you think?

Tomorrow is the start of our thirteenth (13) week of basic and it is getting to be royal hell on wheels. But after three more weeks that is all until we get to Korea, and that is where most of us are going when we get through here. And me, I am still trying to figure what in the hell is coming off over there, the way they are messing around and all.

Some day the American public will get wise and quit prying into other people’s business and stay at home where they are meant to stay.

Nowadays it isn’t safe nor right to raise boys just to fight a Truman war.

When we get married it has been decided to do everything we can, so as not have any boys. But there isn’t much you can do I guess.

Tell everybody hello and send me some of the addresses of the kids we used to know and also see if you can get Melvin Camp’s address.

Well the lights are about to go out so I must cut this off short and go to bed.

How is the weather, it has been a bit rough here ever since Christmas but today and yesterday was California all over, very nice and warm.

How are Wendy and Gary Lee and all.

/s/ Chet